Lyme's Principles of Intelligent Development:

It's Easy Being Green
Even before LEED Certification was en vogue, Lyme has always utilized advanced green building practices. Read Lyme's response to Lebanon's "Principles for a Sustainable Community".

Mixed Use and Smart Growth
Lyme is a leader in creating mixed-use environments and sustainable building practices, including the award-winning, master-planned Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Preserving A Sense of Place
Buildings are more than just a place to live or work, they are part of the cultural fabric of our cities and towns. Lyme's adaptive re-use projects like The Wilder Center preserve iconic buildings.

Community Consciousness
All of Lyme's projects strive to create built environments that benefit the surrounding community, through beautifully designed buildings that contribute to the local tax base, and  open space and public amenities.