Crafts Avenue sewer line work commenced in August 2018.

David Clem, Lyme Properties

David Clem, Lyme Properties

This summer there will be construction along Crafts Avenue as Lyme installs a new sewer line, running from Bridge Street to the extension of Crafts Avenue at River Park. Although any construction comes with some disruption, we are committed to making it as low-impact as possible on our neighbors. We want everyone to be kept in the loop, and to be comfortable asking questions throughout the project. With that in mind, this webpage will serve as a bulletin board for information, a project schedule, and ongoing updates to the Crafts Avenue community. Please feel free to reach out to me personally at or (603) 676-7800 x1.

Project Timeline

This project is expect to take 10-12 weeks from the start of construction. Work will begin from Bridge Street, and work north towards the site. We will notify you directly before any construction begins in front of your home. At the end of each day any cuts in the roadway will be covered by steel plates to ensure residents have access to their property.



Project Scope

Connecting Residential Properties To The New Sewer Line
Lyme is responsible for installing the new sewer line down Crafts Avenue, as well as reconnecting existing residential lines to the new pipe.

Optional: Upgrade Your Personal Sewer Connection
We are encouraging everyone on Crafts Avenue to investigate whether or not they want to replace their home's sewer line– at your expense– during this process. It will minimize costs if you opt to modernize your pipe while the street is already open. This decision is up to each individual homeowner. Please Contact Us for more information, and the Contractor will meet with you and prepare a proposal for your consideration.

Sidewalk & Curb Reconstruction
Once the sewer line is installed and the street repaired, Lyme will be putting sidewalks and curbs back where there are currently sidewalks and curbs. Lyme will be installing a new sidewalk to connect the existing sidewalk at Beyerle Street to River Park on the west side of Crafts Avenue.  River Park is designed to be a walkable development to encourage public access to the riverfront.

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If you have any questions for Lyme Properties, please do not hesitate to be in touch:

Angela McCanna
Executive Assistant to David Clem
Direct Line: (603) 676-7042

Lyme Properties 2, LLC
57 Main Street
West Lebanon, NH 03784


Nott's Excavating, Inc. of White River Junction, VT is the Excavation Contractor for the Crafts Avenue project.

Raymond Nott II, Owner

Ben Griggs, On-site Manager

Jason Nott, On-site Manager

Nott's Excavating, Inc.                      185 Equestrian Way                               White River Jct., VT 05001

Office: (802) 295-2734