The Inspiration for River Park West Lebanon

After the first neighborhood meeting that Lyme hosted to introduce our ideas for the former Bailey Bros. site, I received a letter from a West Lebanon neighbor. In the letter she said, “We recently lost Jean’s Ice Cream Shop. That unassuming little place was a tremendous asset to our community and will be missed. Many older citizens recall fondly the soda fountain in the Red Cross Pharmacy in old West Lebanon. These places had soul, in their own way. I want some soul in old West Lebanon to balance out the lack of it on Route 12A.”

In six years of graduate study at MIT in Urban Studies and Planning, I never experienced a more eloquent observation about why great places matter for communities. This letter became the inspiration for River Park.

In order to fulfill the promise of the site, and to facilitate the type of uses that our neighbors want, a zoning change is needed and 138 neighbors initiated the petition to make it happen. Vote Yes on Amendment # 1 on March 9th.

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