River Park Zoning Alert!

Apparently, the overwhelming support of the citizens of Lebanon is not enough to deter some members of the City Council from their opposition to the River Park Master Plan.  We discovered this morning that next Wednesday, March 17th, the City Council will vote on a new zoning change that will nullify the results of Amendment # 1.

This new change was developed without our knowledge or input and expands the acreage to be rezoned to include 9 more acres of the former Bailey Bros site and the Allards lot.  Based on the initial analysis of the impact of this proposed change that we were able to conclude today, it is clear the change would block or complicate key components of the River Park plan.  We are disappointed that the Council appears to be moving in this direction when the voters made their position clear this past Tuesday.

Please let the City Councilors know your thoughts and feelings on this issue by attending the Council meeting at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, March 17th, at City Hall.  Written comments may also be forwarded to the Council c/o paula.maville@lebcity.com.