River Park Notice: Wood Piles Being Burned On-Site

Just a heads up to our neighbors that members of the Lebanon Fire Department will be burning some of the wood piles at River Park this week.  Lyme has worked cooperatively with the fire department to provide opportunities for training in the past, most recently at 26 Railroad Avenue in downtown West Lebanon.  Prior to the demolition of the building, we allowed the department to conduct practice drills which included cutting holes in the roof, using the extension ladder to access the building , and to train on certain rescue techniques.  This all went very well and gave the department a chance to work with actual conditions as part of their training.  We think burning the brush piles during the winter is a prudent thing to do, so we reached out to the department again and they agreed to conduct the burning.  Unlike the small fire that was started by campers at the river and then abandoned before it was totally out, this burning is authorized.  And thanks to our neighbors who abut the site who remain vigilant to trespassers and monitor safety.  Starting this summer we will begin to unveil plans for the first phase of construction and timing of public access to the river.