Updates from the Crafts Avenue Meeting

Thank you to those who attended our meeting last night; we had a great turnout with over 25 neighbors attending.  We discussed the upcoming Crafts Avenue improvements and utility work for the River Park project.

Lyme Properties introduced Leet Ware and Brian Newcity from Leet Ware Construction who will be overseeing the Crafts Avenue construction.  We also had Bryant Anderson, the engineer from VHB who designed the improvements, available to answer questions from individual owners about the impacts on their property.  We are hoping to kick off the work soon and estimate it will take 10-12 weeks to complete.

As we mentioned last night, Lyme is responsible for putting in a new sewer line down Crafts Avenue and to upgrade the sidewalks, curbs, and pavement on Crafts Avenue.  Work will begin at the Bridge Street end of the road in late July or early August.  Lyme is only responsible for connecting the new pipe to the residents existing sewer lines.  However, we are encouraging neighbors to consider whether they want a new line installed at their expense, from the new 18" sewer in the street to their house, during this project to avoid larger costs in the future. Lyme agreed to facilitate an inspection of their existing condition and a proposal from our selected contractor to do the work.  This is totally discretionary.

There was also a suggestion from neighbors that Lyme offer parking on the River Park site during the road reconstruction and we think that is an excellent idea.  When the contractor is announced, Lyme will provide this temporary parking and a construction office on site so that residents can communicate directly with the contractor to avoid coordination issues.

Lyme expects to announce the excavation contractor next week along with more details and anticipated schedule.  In the meantime, if you have any questions please email me at dclem@lymeproperties.com or call Angela at (603) 676-7800 x3.