Crafts Avenue Sewer Work Starts Next Week

Dear Neighbors,

First, I would like to express my appreciation to those neighbors who so graciously welcomed Kathy and me to the neighborhood when we moved into 55 Crafts Avenue.  The Farnsworths occupied this house since 1949 and we will continue their stewardship of the property.

Second, after many months of frustration and negotiation with the City of Lebanon, Lyme Properties will commence construction of the new sewer line and street improvements on Crafts Avenue beginning August 1, 2018.

The work will be done by Nott’s Excavating and they received an Excavation Permit from the City for August 1 – November 1, 2018.  Dig Safe has recently marked the utility locations for the entire street and the Lebanon DPW located and marked the water line shut-off valves for each property.  I would like to thank the new City Manager, Shaun Mulholland, for his interest and assistance in facilitating a prompt review and issuance of the permit.

The excavation will start near Bridge Street and progress northwards up the street to River Park.  The estimated time is 10-12 weeks depending on the weather.  The initial work will involve installation of a surface water line that will be chlorinated and tested before excavation begins to ensure that municipal water service to each house on Crafts Avenue is maintained.

Lyme will send letters to each property owner with a construction plan for the excavation work in front of their house.  A representative of Lyme Properties or Nott’s will contact each owner in advance of construction.  If you have questions, please contact me or Angela McCanna and we will endeavor to answer them quickly.

At the end of each day, any cuts in Crafts Avenue will be covered by steel plates to allow vehicular access to your home.  Lyme will also prepare an area at River Park for homeowners to park their cars, campers or extra vehicles away from construction activity should they chose to do so.


Project Scope

Connecting Residential Properties To 18” New Sewer Line
Lyme is responsible for installing the new sewer line down Crafts Avenue, as well as reconnecting existing residential lines to the new pipe.  Lyme is not responsible for replacing the water line.

Optional: Upgrade Your Personal Sewer Connection
We are encouraging everyone on Crafts Avenue to investigate whether or not they want to replace their home's sewer line– at your expense– during this process. It will minimize costs if you opt to modernize your pipe while the street is already open. This decision is up to each individual homeowner. Please Contact Us for more information, and the Contractor will meet with you and prepare a proposal for your consideration.

Sidewalk & Curb Reconstruction
Once the sewer line is installed and the street repaired, Lyme will be putting sidewalks and curbs back where there are currently sidewalks and curbs. Lyme will be installing a new sidewalk to connect the existing sidewalk at Beyerle Street to River Park on the west side of Crafts Avenue.  River Park is designed to be a walkable development to encourage public access to the riverfront.


It would be extremely helpful if each property owner on Crafts Avenue, Chandler, Beyerle and North Main from Bridge Street to Chandler Street provided our office with current contact information so we can communicate effectively.  An email address and preferred telephone number would be appreciated.  You should send this information to Angela McCanna at or call (603) 676-7800 x3.

Lyme will provide contact information for on-site personnel with Nott’s Excavating once excavation begins.



David Clem