Excavation and installation of the new sewer line for Crafts Avenue began as scheduled on August 15, 2018.  As is often the case with below grade excavation projects, the contractor discovered recently installed pipes that were not on the drawing or known to DPW personnel.  However, Nott’s Excavating has responded professionally and remains focused on Lyme’s primary objective of completing the work by November 1, 2018.

Just prior to the start of construction, the City Manger, Shaun Mulholland, reached out to me to let us know that the City has decided to install a new water main on Crafts Avenue, in conjunction with the sewer line replacement and street improvements which are the responsibility of River Park.

The City of Lebanon will be working directly with Nott’s Excavating to perform the work using new materials purchased by the City.

This is welcome news for the residents of Crafts Avenue and the adjacent streets, but it does pose some coordination challenges for the scope of work to be done by Lyme and XYZ Dairy.  I am pleased to report that the City Manager has established a cooperative working relationship with Lyme and shares our goal of making River Park a success.

Nott’s Excavating will expand the above grade temporary water line to both sides of Crafts Avenue to expedite the project.  This will allow the existing water line, which is quite old, to be removed without a major disruption of water service to each residence.  Nott’s will add a second crew to install the new water line as the sewer installation continues northward.

Nott’s will be contacting neighbors interested in a quote for a new sewer connection from the house to the street in conjunction with the reconnection of each home to the new water main.  This allows the new sewer pipe work to advance as rapidly as possible.  Nott’s will also install a new lateral sewer connection from the new 18” sewer pipe to the Crafts Avenue ROW.  This will allow owners to upgrade their sewer line at a later date without disrupting the newly paved street.

Lyme and XYZ Dairy, owner of River Park, has agreed to allow our General Conditions budget to be used by the City to reduce the cost of the new water line.  We have also agreed to allow our previously purchased structural fill materials to be used to backfill the new trench required to install the new water line.  I believe this is a cost effective way to achieve the more comprehensive infrastructure improvements for Crafts Avenue.

I want to point out two issues of public safety that all neighbors should be aware of.

1.    For those of us that have young children or grandchildren, we are already aware of their fascination with large construction equipment and trucks.  Each piece of equipment has a “beeping” sound when backing up to alert pedestrians that the vehicle is moving.

Please use this moment to remind and educate your children about safety and staying out of the roadway during construction.  I ask all neighbors to help parents by adding their eyes and ears to keep children safe.

Nott’s is committed to the best safety practices, but the additional water line work will necessitate even more equipment and construction traffic.

I promise that Lyme will find a time after school starts to invite our neighborhood kids to “explore” these big machines on River Park property when they are parked and can be observed, in action, safely.  I am confident that Nott’s personnel will help educate kids (and their parents) about the name and function of each piece of equipment they will see on Crafts Avenue this fall.

2.    The staging area on River Park at the end of Crafts Avenue has to become larger than originally planned.  As a result, Lyme will open the southern gate on Route 10 (North Main) to allow neighbors to park their vehicles away from construction traffic on the street.  This is a change in location that was described in my August 6, 2018 communication to the neighbors.

Please let Angela know your license plate number and when you would like to park there.  The new site has a gravel base and direct visibility from the street.

I hope this update is informative.  If you have questions, please call Lyme at (603) 676-7800 x1 David or x3 Angela.