We're underway!

As previously announced, Nott’s Excavating has begun the mobilization for the Crafts Avenue sewer work.  The blue, flexible hose on the east side of the street will allow the contractor to provide uninterrupted municipal water service to each house on that side of the street while the trenching for the new sewer line commences up the street.  This is a “means and methods” choice of Nott’s because they think it will allow them to progress more rapidly.

The City has selected Pathways Consulting to act as the City’s inspector of the work, all paid for in advance by XYZ Dairy, owner of River Park.  

Over the weekend I mowed an area at River Park, just beyond the end of Crafts Avenue on the left.  All neighbors can use this area to park their cars, boats, trailers, etc. during construction if this is useful to you.  I would ask that you email or call us to provide the registration number of the vehicle and to let us know when you want to move it there.

Lyme will continue to update Dave’s Blog regularly.  We will be sending letters to each owner of record, but we would really like to have an email address and telephone number for each to facilitate quicker communication.  Please email or call Angela McCanna at angela@lymeproperties.com or (603) 676-7800 x3.

A few residents have already told us about certain events we need to plan for such as moving trucks arriving, or access required on Saturday to load special items.  We will make sure Nott’s is aware of these dates so they can plan accordingly, including modifying the traffic pattern if necessary to avoid inconveniencing a neighbor.  If you have a special event at your house already planned, or any concern specific to access to your property, please let us know.  Construction in the street in front of your home will be a nuisance, but we hope to minimize the disruption and to be available to each of you to avoid unnecessary problems.  

Just so you know, Nott’s Excavating believes they will be able to excavate and lay the new sewer line at the rate of 75-85 feet per day.  At the end of each day, the trench will be covered and the connection of your sewer to the new sewer line will be tested and operational.  Nott’s will likely uncover conditions that were not expected since the City does not have “as builts” of the existing water and sewer lines.  But they are an experienced contractor, they have worked for Lyme on other projects successfully, and we believe they are fully aligned with our objective to minimize the impact of this infrastructure improvement.