Progress Continues

Work on replacing the sewer line improved this week with Nott’s installing a water line bypass that allowed the temporary blue water line to be connected to several houses on the west side of Crafts Avenue.  This temporary blue water line will be installed to all houses on the west side of Crafts Avenue as part of the City’s installation of a new water main.  This will allow the sewer installation to advance faster and the new water main to follow with the addition of another crew from Nott’s Excavating.

The temporary blue water connection to each home is based on where the DPW marked the shut off valves to each house.  We learned this week that in at least one case the DPW marked an old shut off valve even though a new water line had been installed that was not in the City’s records.  I urge each homeowner to check the blue line in front of your home to confirm the location of our water line from the street.

The temporary parking at River Park for Crafts Avenue residents is open.  The entry is off Route 10 near 167 North Main, where the former Westboro Ticket office is being renovated.  A section of the split rail fence has been removed and a sign was installed today marking the entry.  This lot has a gravel base and is mowed regularly.  Several residents have already called Angela and provided license plate information as requested.  Thank you.

We do not want private vehicles to drive down to the river frontage and will police the temporary parking area.  If you see any cars driving down the mowed paths to the river, please take down their plate number and let Angela know.  We have experienced illegal dumping in the past and want to avoid this and illegal camp fires.  Both the Lebanon Police Department and Fire Department know how to access the river frontage when necessary.

I want to extend my thanks and appreciation to the neighbors who have shown patience and good humor with the disruption of the street.  I know we are all looking forward to completion of the project by November 1, 2018.  A celebration is being planned, and Lyme will keep you posted.