Crafts Avenue Tree Work

Several neighbors have asked if Lyme Properties or XYZ Dairy is responsible for the large trees being cut down on Crafts Avenue and Chandler Street.  Absolutely not!  We were just as surprised as our other neighbors.  Cutting down the trees has nothing to do with the infrastructure work or paving on Crafts Avenue.

We learned today that Liberty Electric is responsible for taking the trees down and they hired an independent tree service contractor to remove the trees.  Even this comes as a surprise to me,  since at our last meeting with Liberty regarding the Crafts Avenue Extension they informed us their engineering plan was to upgrade the power lines on Chandler Street to service the single family house lots at River Park.  Liberty told us they would not be upgrading the power lines the full length of Crafts Avenue from Bridge Street.  Liberty asked if XYZ  Dairy would relocate the existing pole on River Park property and allow a new pole at our house at 55 Crafts Avenue to serve as an anchor pole for the new power line on Chandler, and I agreed.  Once power is brought to River Park, it will all be distributed underground to all of the buildings.

Some of the trees that were cut down are within the Crafts Avenue Right of Way owned by the City.  I do not know if Liberty consulted with the City or the homeowner’s whose lots are impacted by the removal of the trees in advance of cutting them down.  Liberty did not consult with Lyme Properties or XYZ Dairy.