Planning Board Approves Extension for River Park

The Planning Board on Monday night unanimously approved River Park two-year extension requests for Site Plan and Subdivision permits. 

We are still meeting with neighbors on North Main Street that are directly impacted by the proposed NH DOT conditions for widening Route 10.  If you would like to learn more, please call our office at (603) 676-7800.

An Extension for the River Park Site Plan and Subdivision

Dear Neighbors,

It has been some time since I have updated the blog for River Park.  We have been working for two years to fulfill the conditions of the Lebanon Site Plan and Major Subdivision approvals, but we have not been successful in securing a permit for the northern entrance to the site from the N.H. DOT.

As a result, XYZ Dairy has petitioned the Lebanon Planning Board for an extension in time to complete our work and a hearing is scheduled for September 9, 2013 at City Hall.  In the interim I will be meeting with those neighbors on North Main Street directly impacted by the conditions that the N.H. DOT has proposed that I believe are unnecessary and severely impact the neighbors.

I urge everyone interested in learning more about the issue to attend the Planning Board meeting.  Lyme has prepared materials for the Planning Board to better understand why we oppose the DOT's request that we widen Route 10 into three lanes the entire length of our site in West Lebanon.  

If you have questions, do not hesitate to call our office at 603-676-7800 to learn more.


October 2012 Update

Lyme has begun to organize our efforts to start Phase 1 of River Park next year.  We have started to interview architects for the first building which will combine first floor retail space with office space on the second and third floors.  This building is located off Route 10, will be the new entrance to the site, and is situated near the old Bailey Brothers building site.  I feel strongly that this building will "set the tone" for quality at River Park, and we will share progress plans along the way. 

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Crafts Avenue Neighborhood Meeting

Thanks to all of our friends and neighbors who attended the neighborhood meeting last night. We are grateful that approximately 40 of you braved the inclement weather to learn about the utility and roadwork that will be necessary on Crafts Avenue before River Park can proceed. At the meeting we used this slideshow to briefly recap the timeline and events that have shaped the work that will be done.

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Upcoming Neighborhood Meeting

Dear Friends of River Park,

Lyme Properties is hosting a neighborhood meeting to discuss the conditions voted by the Lebanon City Council as part of their approval of the River Park development.  The primary objective of the meeting is to inform residents of Crafts Avenue, Chandler Street, Beyerle Street, and a portion of North Main Street how construction of the new sewer line required by the City Council will impact their property.

The meeting will be held on Monday, May 14, 2012 at 7:00 PM in the community room of the Kilton Library.  This meeting is open to the public and we encourage our neighbors to attend.

Lyme will present a brief description of the history of the approval process and explain the Crafts Avenue improvements that are required as the first phase of River Park.  One of our goals is to upgrade the Friends of River Park mailing and email lists in order to keep our neighbors informed on an on-going basis and in advance of construction activity.

Please contact me at (603) 676-7800 with any questions or email

David Clem

Save the date

To help our neighbors better understand where we are in the development process and to discuss the public infrastructure work we have been required to perform, Lyme Properties will be hosting a neighborhood meeting on Monday, May 14, 2012 at 7PM in the community room at the Kilton Library. Much of this meeting will focus on the Crafts Avenue roadway and utility work that must be done before construction at River Park can proceed. This meeting will be open to the public and we especially encourage our Crafts Avenue neighbors to attend.

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Planning Board Accepts Minutes

On November 14, 2011 the Planning Board accepted the minutes from the meetings at which River Park received Final Subdivision Approval (October 11, 2011) and Site Plan Approval (October 24, 2011). Now that the minutes are finalized, municipal staff will write the Notice of Action. The Notice of Action is the document that formally notifies us of the approval vote and of the many conditions attached to that approval.

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